Learning Progressions: Reach for the Stars with Girls in STEM

Bedtime Math is a favorite night-time ritual in our house. My son and daughter cuddle up with me after we’ve finished reading our bedtime books and it’s on to some fun word problems. Bedtime Math (English and Spanish) delivers quick and engaging math story problems every day for children to think, talk through and solve together with an adult at home. Two added benefits of this nighttime ritual is that I’m helping to narrow the “math anxiety gap,” according to a recent University of Chicago study, and I’m introducing math and science as a learning progression at an early age. The app is one step of an intentional strategy to raise my kids with a purposeful exposure to STEM, particularly my daughter. Fortuitously, last night’s Bedtime Math daily math problem centered on the Hubble Space Telescope. My daughter instantly wanted to see Hubble Space Telescope Images. We compared the pictures that Hubble took with what we could see with our naked eye and talked about our new telescope at home. My daughter has been interested in astronomy since she was first introduced to phases of the moon in preschool.


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Hack your Holiday Lights!

Before you put away your holiday lights, consider re-purposing any old strings of lights or even burnt-out strings for this STEM activity that demonstrates principles of electricity, including series and parallel circuits.

Materials Needed:

  • String of regular or LED holiday lights
  • Wire stripper/ cutter
  • Two C or D size batteries
  • Electrical tape or duct tape
  • Paperclip (metal, not plastic coated)


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