The VC STEM Network's May Convening 2021

We had a terrific and inspiring convening in May featuring Scott Pipkin, the Director of Education and Engagement for the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. He showed us how to cultivate wonder and curiosity through nature/science journaling. We also engaged with our community.  

Here is a great resource for personal or classroom use from the Sierra Club, “John Muir Laws Nature Stewardship Through Science, Education, and Art.”

The VC STEM Network's March Convening 2021

The March convening reminded us to Never Stop Exploring: Our Own Backyard- The Channel Islands.”  We learned the SEE-THINK-WONDER strategy to make new discoveries and heard from Jacob Seigel one of the authors of “Island Visions.”  This  is a great book and inspiring resource. 

The VC STEM Network's December 2020 Convening

A Conversation with Ventura County STEM Students

We heard the inspiring STEM journey of 5 exceptional Ventura County Students, and had the opportunity to ask them questions.