bedtime_math_logoVC STEM initiated a collaboration with the Bedtime Math Foundation in Spring 2016 to disseminate the Bedtime Math application by parents in Ventura County and to encourage after-school programs to create Crazy 8s Math Clubs in their programs. Bedtime Math’s mission is to help kids love numbers so they can handle the math in real life.

Six districts in Ventura County and eleven more throughout the nation are participants in Bedtime Math Foundation’s White House Early Learning STEM commitment. Parents were informed of the application during parent-teacher conferences at schools in these six districts and were encouraged by the teachers to use the application with their kids. Parents who are interested in adopting the application can download it and select Ventura County and their school district when they are setting up the application. Feel free to go to the Bedtime Math Foundation website and download the app.

Over 40 after-school programs across Ventura County have partnered with the Bedtime Math Foundation to offer the Crazy 8s Math Club program at their sites. As adopters of Crazy 8s, these sites have been the recipients of a free elementary school-level math curriculum and supplies. If you are interested in adopting this curriculum at your site, contact the Ventura County STEM network.