3D Printing Update From Alex Wolff

Hi Amazing Maker Community,

I hope you are all doing well and that your 3D printers are repaired and rejuvenated after the brutal gauntlet we put them through. Moving forward, I wanted to share with you that we are now injection molding headbands and die cutting lenses with some great industry partners. Scosche Industries secured large amounts of PETG film, ECA Medical has made an injection mold and will start production of headbands today, and Associated Pacific Machine has made a die and allowed us to use their press for the lenses. 

Thanks to your amazing efforts we have met a large portion of local need, but there are still requests coming in. There are sure to be more as we reopen local businesses and discover a need for shields to keep employees and customers safe. Once local needs have been met it is our goal to look outward, State-wide, Nationally, and even globally. 

Since you have all been part of this from the start, you should have a say in where these new shields are going. If you know of a group in need, please reach out. Our plan is to package shields in groups of 100 and ship them to areas in need. 

I miss interacting with all of you during drop-offs and I look forward to getting to know everyone better when this is behind us.

Best Regards,

Alex Wulff

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