STEMbassadors Face Shield Update

Here are two emails we received updating the network on the ongoing work of face shield 3D printing.

From the STEMbassadors

Thanks to all of you for the amazing support. We wanted to share some specific impacts of your wonderful contributions. To date we have donated well over 2,000 face shields; built a network of over 50 student, teacher, and community makers; sourced difficult to obtain materials; and increased capacity daily. We have provided every staff nurse and doctor at Ventura County Medical Center (VCMC Ventura and Santa Paula) with their own face shield – over 1,200 shields. We have now directed our efforts to Dignity Health (St. John’s Regional/Oxnard and Pleasant Valley) and Community Memorial Hospital. We have sent over 300 shields to both Dignity and CMH. We intend to provide them with 150 units each day until their needs are met. Our purely volunteer-based community is now capable of producing an average of 300 shields per day. We have also sent smaller amounts of shields to Kaiser Woodland Hills ER (40 Units), USC Medical Center (20 Units), Cottage (32 Units), Homeless Hotel Ventura (10 Units), and Ojai Hospital (50 Units). Tomorrow we will send 50 units to the navy base in Port Hueneme. It’s truly amazing that while considerably larger and more powerful industries and institutions debated and discussed, our grass roots effort began getting PPE to our front line hospital workers almost immediately. We will continue to produce and distribute as many shields as we can until we either run out of materials or industry and government step in to fill the PPE void. All of this is only possible because of your incredible work and the generosity of local businesses. Every day we receive emails of gratitude from these front line heroes. Your friends and family may also want to know what you have been doing during home isolation. You can follow and share on the following platforms:

 We will try to post updates more regularly, but please keep in mind that our primary goal is getting face shields delivered to the hospitals. We would love to see your photos and updates as well. Here are a few updates:

  • Polycarbonate and PETG lens material continues to be our greatest limiting factor. We have enough material to produce about 1,000 more shields, for a total of approximately 3000 completed units. We will let you know if we can procure more or can find a suitable alternative other than laminator films or transparency slides.
  • If you need replacement filament, please text Becca at 805.746.3038
  • We are rinsing all headbands in a bleach solution before assembly, so there is no need to package headbands in Ziplocs anymore.
  • The hospitals prefer the shields without the bottom reinforcement piece, which is great because it means we use less filament.
  • We would like to highlight some of you. If you are willing to share your story of how you got involved in 3D printing and in this community project, text Thea at 805.836.1547.

Sincerest thanks to all of you for joining this community project. Together we have been able to quickly mobilize and accomplish incredible things. We are exceedingly grateful to be a part of this newfound network of problem solvers, makers, and inventors. Even in the midst of this tragedy, it is clear that our combined goal has resulted in the formation of a consequential community of compassionate innovators.​  

Warmest Regards,

The STEMbassadors

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