STEM Inspired Featured Story

Maria Redin

Chief of Staff  “Two Bit Circus” A Micro Amusement Park

Kristin Haag

Molecular Biologist 

Leah Zaragoza

Aerospace Engineer for the Navy

Silvia Faulstich

Flight Test Engineer for the Navy

Lorenzo Ramirez

Allies in STEM Director at CAL Lutheran University

Carole Mccluskey

Chief of Technology and Information at TrueBlue a Global Staffing Company

Dr. Cathy Schwemm

Ecologist for The Institute for Wildlife Studies

Annie Little

Biologist Fish and Wildlife Service

Alma Rubalcava

Mechanical Engineer NAVSEA

Dr. Ramon Flores, P.E.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division

Bianca Terminello

Senior Associate at Amgen’s Department of Clinical Pharmacology Modeling and Simulation

Kelly Moore

Park Ranger and Park Dive Officer at Channel Islands National Park

Justin Simangan

Mechanical  Engineer    


Amy Milanes

Civil Engineer  

Building and Safety Engineer for the County of Los Angeles

Tyler Klein

Civil Engineer 

In Training

Bruce Berger

Mechanical  Engineer  


Michael Romios

Systems Engineer

Integrity Engineering and Design

Justin Klein

Software Developer 

Health 2047