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Come Aboard This Summer

Come Aboard the S.S. Ed Venture this Summer as we embark on a variety of STEAM excursions. 

S.S. Ed Venture Explore, Investigate, and Create through the many Ventura County STEAM destinations. Pick up your Passport to Learning and find out more information HERE.

Never Stop Exploring

This Week's Resource Spot Light

MERITO Foundation


“Our Mission is ocean protection through education, conservation, citizen science, and to inspire the next generation of environmental professionals.”

“Our vision is a healthy ocean cared by diverse coastal communities who live in an environmentally responsible manner regardless of native language, economic status, cultural beliefs, or ethnic background because we all share one ocean.”


Designed for 4th – 8th grade students

“The MERITO Academy is a comprehensive hands-on Earth and ocean science education program that provides educators with the tools to teach Common Core and the Next Generation of Science Standards in the context of coastal and ocean environments …”


Designed for 7th – 12th grade students

“EECCOA is a project-based science education program of the MERITO Foundation that provides energy, climate and ocean literacy services and products to teachers and their students aligned to Next Generation of Science Standards and Common Core. EECCOA empowers students to address climate change and ocean acidification …”



Designed for 4th – 12th grade students

“MERITO Foundation field trips are inquiry-based, standards aligned, hands-on science activities coordinated and instructed by bilingual (English and Spanish) staff with background in Marine or Environmental sciences and assistance from partnering agencies staff and volunteers. Our field trips have direct positive impacts on the students’ knowledge and on their local environments…”


STEM in the News

Never Stop Exploring

Working together, we can improve the educational outcomes for all Ventura County students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


We partner with STEM professionals to show students in Ventura County what they can become, and how STEM education is used in the workforce.


STEM opportunities for students, parents, educators, business, corporations, and more.


We are building capacity for the improvement of educational outcomes in STEM for Ventura County students.